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Rural Zoning Procedures

The Planning Division Staff of the Department of Development administers the review of zoning map amendments for the following Townships: Hanover, Lemon, Madison, Milford, Oxford and Ross.

The zone change process takes approximately 90 days to complete and includes staff and applicant presentations to the Butler County Planning Commission, Butler County Rural Zoning Commission and the Butler County Board of Commissioners.


What Does an Applicant Need to do to Request a Zone Change?

Anyone wishing to request a zone change in the jurisdictions above should contact the Butler County Planning Division at (513) 887-3411 to determine the appropriate zoning designation for the requested use of the property.

In addition, the applicant is required to fill out an Application to Amend the Butler County Zoning Resolution, and submit the required payment in the amount of $650.00 for the purpose of publishing legal notices in the newspaper.