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Planning Division - Staff Directory

The Planning Division of the Department of Development is responsible for providing sound land use planning strategies for Butler County, Ohio. The day-to-day tasks of the Planning Division involve a variety of activities including; Land Use Planning, Subdivision Regulations, Zoning, Floodplain Regulations, and Airport Zoning Regulations. The Butler County Board of Commissioners employs the Department of Development.

  Name: Peter "Zeb" Acuff, AICP
  Title: Planning Administrator
  Phone: (513) 887-3411
  Fax: (513) 785-5723

Zeb joined the Department of Development in February 2012.  He previously worked as a municipal planning and zoning consultant in southeast Michigan, specializing in zoning administration and GIS.

Zeb’s planning interests align with the principles of smart growth and sustainability, including energy conservation, green infrastructure, complete streets, and sustainable food systems. He strongly advocates for personal transportation alternatives, such as public transit and bikeways, and encourages citizen education on planning and zoning issues.

Zeb holds masters’ degrees in Urban Planning and Natural Resource Policy from the University of Michigan, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Natural Resource Management from the University of Delaware. He is a member of the American Planning Association (APA) and has been certified by the American Institute of Certified Planners since 2008.

  Name: Lee Margraf
  Title: Administrative Secretary
  Phone: (513) 887-3413
  Fax: (513) 785-5723

Lee joined the Department of Development in October 2006.  In addition to usual administrative duties, Lee maintains the department website, budget reports, Department of Development's payables, the transcription for the Board of  Zoning Appeals, Planning Commission, Rural Zoning Commission and maintains the records and correspondence for the Land Use Coordinating Committee (LUCC).

Lee received her degree in Graphic Design & Marketing Communications in 2004 and has extensive administrative experience.