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Lot Split/Combinations (Minor Subdivisions)


Due to recent events, the Department of Development is enforcing new procedures to minimize potential exposure of Covid-19 in the office environment. Effective immediately, all lot splits and plats should be delivered by mail ONLY.

Any questions should be directed by phone at (513) 887-3413.


What is a lot split?
A lot split (Minor Subdivision) is used to split a piece of property from the original tract.

How is a lot split (minor subdivision) different from a major subdivision?
A lot split can be done when there are 4 (four) or less lots being split off of one original Parcel, or if all the lots that are being split contain 5 (five) acres or more. If there are more than 4 (four) lots, and any one of the lots are less than 5 (five) acres, the Ohio Revised Code considers that a subdivision, and as a result, it is subject to the Butler County Subdivision Regulations.

What is required to perform a lot split? (Items Needed)


  •  New and remaining lots must conform to local zoning.
  •  If a parcel does not meet the local zoning requirements, a variance from the local zoning jurisdiction is required, or, if applicable, it must be attached in a manner that it cannot be sold separate or apart from a lot that does not meet local zoning and does not create an additional building site.
  •  Lots must meet the minimum road frontage requirement. Road frontage is measured at the right-of-way line.
  •  The required road frontage must be maintained for 50' from the right-of-way before the lot is permitted to narrow. The minimum width of a "panhandle" is 25'.

Health Department

  •  If the new or remainder lot is less than 5 (five) acres, Butler County Health Department approval is required. This requirement applies even if the lot has sanitary sewer available. Lots over 5 acres are exempt from this requirement.

Plat of Survey

  •  Plat of survey must be completed per Section 3.04 "Items to be contained on the plat of survey for minor subdivisions" as described in the Butler County Subdivision Rules and Regulations.
  •  Legal description of property to be split off of original parcel.


  •  A deed that includes the legal description is required.

Ohio Department of Transportation, District 8, Permit Office

  •  If the proposed split occurs along a State Route, or access is proposed along a State Route, approval must be granted by the ODOT, District 8, Permit Office.


What is the Procedure to complete a Lot Split/Combination?

Register survey* with the Butler County Engineer's Tax Plat Office (at the County Engineers Office, 1921 Fairgrove Avenue, Hamilton, Ohio,). The Tax Plat Office will check the legal description on the deed and assign a volume and page to the survey (check Section 3.04 of the Butler County Subdivision Regulations to get a list of "Items to be contained on the plat of survey for minor subdivisions").

2. Either the applicant or the Butler County Engineer’s Tax Plat Office will forward the survey to the Butler County Engineer’s Office (BCEO, 1921 Fairgrove Ave. (State Route 4) Hamilton, Ohio 45011).  BCEO will check the survey and approve driveway access to the surrounding road system (please allow BCEO 7-10 days for review).

If  the new or remainder tract contains less than five (5) acres take a copy of the plat of survey to the Butler County Health Department (301 South Third Street, Hamilton, OH 45011) for approval.


If the split occurs within Fairfield, Liberty, Morgan, St. Clair, Wayne, or West Chester Townships, approval must be granted by the local township zoning office before completion of Step 6, below.


If the split occurs along a U.S. or State Route, Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), District 8, approval is required prior to split approval. The applicant may request this approval through the District 8 permit office prior to Step 6 below (please allow ODOT 7-10 days for review).


Take a copy of the plat of survey with Tax Plat Office approval, Health Department approval (if applicable), local zoning approval (if applicable), ODOT approval (if applicable), and the deed to the Butler County Planning Division (Butler County Administrative Center, 130 High Street, Hamilton, Ohio, 6th Floor). The Butler County Planning Division will check the lot for zoning and road frontage. If all requirements are satisfied, the Butler County Planning Division will stamp the deed for approval.  The Butler County Planning Division requires a review fee prior to approval.


Take the stamped deed to the Butler County Auditor's Office Conveyance Desk (Butler County Administrative Center, 130 High Street, Hamilton, Ohio, 3rd Floor) and fill out the necessary transfer forms to convey the property.


Take the conveyed deed to the Butler County Recorder's Office (Butler County Administrative Center, 130 High Street, Hamilton, Ohio, 2nd Floor) for recording.


  * For more information regarding Survey Standards check out the Butler County Auditor's Office Conveyance Department website.